Dispatches from Afar #2

Bruce is riding around South Africa on his BMW 1200LC. No one is too sure of the actual route and destination, least of all Bruce. This is the second dispatch (See dispatch #1 here) that arrived by WhatsApp this morning:

We departed Philippolis at around ten this morning and soon after leaving town turned right onto the gravel road to Springfontein, some of the best gravel that I have ridden in a long time! We enjoyed great views of the ‘vlaktes’ (plains), the dry yellow grasses dancing gently in the breeze as we cruised by. All too soon the grey dirt morphed into blacktop and we were led down to the village of Bethuli. But, as luck would have it there appeared a farm stall, Kuilfontein, at the junction with the N1 and coffee with a slice of carrot cake was enjoyed before we crossed the N1 to continue on to Bethuli. This little village lies close to the Gariep Dam which in wetter times is a very large body of water. The current drought has turned it into a relative puddle of its former self!

Soon after crossing one of the longest bridges in South Africa we came to our second stretch of dirt road for the day. Again, it was a thoroughly magnificent bit of gravel augmented by the great views along the way. You know, it really makes no difference what size bike you ride, trundling along at about 75km/hour is what makes the adventure work – easy riding at a slow pace; no stress and plenty of time to soak up the environment!

Unfortunately the gravel came to an end and we rolled into Burgersdorp. We located our digs for the night, The Hut, and after a lovely meal at the Hagenhuis restaurant we’re looking forward to a good night’s sleep. So, for now, it’s over and out from afar…

Thanks Bruce. Enjoy…

Roger de la Harpe

Just a short clip of Angus on his Africa Twin:


First gravel of the day just outside Philippolis
First gravel of the day just outside Philippolis
Angus wondering which way would be better...
Angus wondering which way would be better…
Straight ahead to Burgersdorp
Straight ahead to Burgersdorp

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